whats in the fridge

It’s the New Year and I have officially resolved to be more active here. Starting with what’s in my fridge….

My fridge is jam-packed… and I have to say I am very fortunate and blessed for it. I need to get busy on my produce…I may need help from Joey though. Who’s Joey? Oh, you’ll see….

Exhibit A~is a plate of leftovers too much to toss, and not enough for a meal. I’ll have to nibble that today.

Exhibit B + C ~ See those pretty tins? One holds rum balls for my man and the other holds gingerbread truffles for me. Mmmm!

Exhibit D ~ leftover evaporated milk. I didn’t know what to do with…IĀ  probably should toss that.

Exhibit E ~ leftover black royal icing. I may need to toss that, too.

Exhibit F ~ some wine… mainly for recipes at this point. šŸ˜‰

Exhibit G-Z ~ an assortment of produce for me and Joey.


It got cold here last night so he had to come in the garage… it took both myself and my hubby to get him in there.

shhh… he’s sleeping.

As far as what I have planned for this site in the new year?

Two big things:

I will be sharing my (mis) adventures in cheesemaking…

and… sewing. I know. Total susie-homemaker. But I will vamp it up. Don’t worry. šŸ˜‰

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wet burritos

This is my husbands 2nd favorite meal.

I made it for him when he’s had a hard day, when I have screwed up…and sometimes when it’s rainy.

He calls them “fun-ritoes”

It brings out the 12 year old boy in him.

It makes awesome leftovers .

I posted the recipe for it a long time ago here.

And, I snapped this picture the last time I made it.

I was thinking of doing over the whole post and recipe, but I only had one pic, so instead I decided to just tell you what “fun-ritos” means in my little home.


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before and after

I totally should do segments on before and after. Like: before I cleaned my bathroom and after.

Keepin’ it real…

Before laundry…after laundry…before make up after make up…before sweating my booty off by going on a walk, and after. Ooo, this list could get ugly.

Anyway, remember my kitchen tour?

Well, even though I am still waiting on the upper cabinets, I decided to paint. Yay me.

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taco shell tip

Do you toast your taco shells before filling? You should… they’re crisper and tastier that way! But… If you don’t do this, they will collapse and be un-stuffable. Is that even a word? Well, it is now.

Just stuff some foil in em, to keep them open while they toast.

So you can have your taco night, and eat it, too.

What’s your favorite tip or trick?

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what we ate 7/11/11

Am I a super slacker or what????

I have a list of stuff to put on here… but life got in the way. I am in summer mode. All I want to do is run in the sprinkler and drink from the hose. I am totally regressing.

It’s okay… I’ll be back to mama soon.

In the meantime I have eaten things, and made things… most of those are on The Village Cook, but here is something that didn’t make it. Mainly because I used a dollar store BBQ seasoning that ended up being 95% salt. Eww.

I cut a slit in em’ and stuffed some stuffing in there.

They were edible, but I woke up thirsty in the middle of the night.

Then a few hours later I had to go pee.

Now you really know why they never made it on the other site.

They kept me awake. Grrr.

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what’s in the fridge 5/27/11

I decided to show you my fridge as exhibits A-H today:

Exhibit A is something leftover. I’m not sure what. It may be a taco, or an ear of corn. You know what? Let me get off my lazy butt and see. I’ll be right back.

It’s leftover white lasagna with spinach and basil. Yum.

Exhibit B is leftover corn. I’m lucky because a cold, cooked ear of corn entertains my toddler like a rawhide bone and a puppy. Did I just compare my kid to a dog? I think so… but I’m her mama so I’m allowed. And, I happen to adore dogs.

Exhibit C is a new roasted garlic flavor sour cream I bought. You know, to keep the vampires away. šŸ˜‰

Exhibit D is green peppers and a cantaloupe that wouldn’t fit in the veggie and fruit bin. Why? Because jalapenos and corn were on sale and I stocked up.

Exhibit E is a peanut butter pie with a cookie crust. Oh yeah!

Exhibit F is a – get this can of pancake & waffle batter. I had a coupon. It was free. It may be interesting…

Finally exhibits g,h,i, and j are my almond milk, half and half and red and white wines. I’m well-rounded. I like my non dairy, dairy, red and white.

I just don’t ever mix em. šŸ˜‰

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messy kitchens

I made macarons yesterday. Boy do they make a mess. Wanna see?

Obviously, the mixer…and the cup is used to fill the pastry bag. The food processor is for the almonds and sugar, and assorted measuring cups for the obvious.

Add a fine dusty layer of sugar on top of it all, and there is quite the clean up ahead.

Next time, I’m making one-bowl brownies.


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