taco shell tip

Do you toast your taco shells before filling? You should… they’re crisper and tastier that way! But… If you don’t do this, they will collapse and be un-stuffable. Is that even a word? Well, it is now.

Just stuff some foil in em, to keep them open while they toast.

So you can have your taco night, and eat it, too.

What’s your favorite tip or trick?

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what we ate 7/11/11

Am I a super slacker or what????

I have a list of stuff to put on here… but life got in the way. I am in summer mode. All I want to do is run in the sprinkler and drink from the hose. I am totally regressing.

It’s okay… I’ll be back to mama soon.

In the meantime I have eaten things, and made things… most of those are on The Village Cook, but here is something that didn’t make it. Mainly because I used a dollar store BBQ seasoning that ended up being 95% salt. Eww.

I cut a slit in em’ and stuffed some stuffing in there.

They were edible, but I woke up thirsty in the middle of the night.

Then a few hours later I had to go pee.

Now you really know why they never made it on the other site.

They kept me awake. Grrr.

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what we ate 5/15/11

I totally wish I had something to change the color in this pic. Because that looks undercooked, don’t you think?

It was a pork loin, and it looks like a ham.

My hubby hates ham, so I assure you it wasn’t ham.

It’s a pork loin that I brined in a mixture of marinade, salt, sugar, water and mustard.  On the side, we had:

Potatoes. I didn’t have to tell you that, though. You’re smart- you can see that.  😉

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What we ate 5/15/11

Sundays  are soul-food Sundays at my house. The phrase got coined when I was reading a cookbook and said, “I want to make one of these recipes every week”.

That was years ago… and I have made (almost) every main dish out of that book. There’s a few I just don’t want to make (pig tails, anyone?)  And a few I make on days other than Sunday.  There’s something comforting about a good old-fashioned Sunday supper, and it’s become a tradition in our little family.

So, here’s what we ate:

Ribs. With BBQ sauce. Mmm.

For you photography buffs, I got my mama’s day present; a Nikon SB600 speedlight. So, I was able to get this shot in the evening.  Yay.

And, this is our hash-brown casserole. There are a million recipes for this out there. This is one of the million.

There you have it. We had take out pizza last Thursday. I totally meant to take pictures of that…but, obviously- I forgot. Crap happens. Sorry.

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What we ate / 5/7/11

I decided that once a week, no matter what – I will post a “what we ate” segment here. I’m not going to worry about food styling or pretty plates on these posts. I’m keepin’ it real. 🙂

Even if it’s just a take out pizza night- there will be photos.

Last Saturday, it was  The Kentucky Derby, and my daughter and I put on out hats and… well- I’ll just show you:

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