a few words on can openers…

For years I had a “Swing A Way” can opener… YEARS I tell ya. Well, maybe that little can opener was just used to my southpaw way of using it, because it never worked right for my hubby. He got so frustrated with it one night that my can opener met its demise that way, and ended up in the trash. (sniffle…) since then, I have bought several other replacement that all broke. Or, maybe they can’t handle a southpaw? My dear mother in law even got me a top of the line one as a “gag” christmas gift (she got me other things too!) and guess what? Broke. So, next week I am going to find myself a nice shiny new Swing A Way can opener. Yeah, I know I should have just gotten another one in the first place, but… then what woul I blog about?

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