summer day twelve & thirteen

Summer day twelve:

We had a total rain day on Wednesday.. and I forgot what was on my summer-do-list for rainy days, so we drew pictures, made garlic knots and spaghetti pie.
Oh yeah, we also got robbed of twenty bucks and an hour and ten minutes. Grrr. It turns out, I went to the bank to deposit twenty bucks in the ATM, and perhaps because it was raining or something, the machine ate the money and just froze up on me.
So, I go through the human drive through & explain the situation, and they tell me to come in and fill out a claim. They also said it would only take five minutes. MY ASS! It took an hour and ten minutes, mainly because the banker tried to call the WRONG department the first time. Then, when the RIGHT department was reached, I had to argue over the phone with some outsourced phone girl who I was. She didn’t BELIEVE me. Jeez, there’s NOTHING like defending your own IDENTITY to someone in ANOTHER country. So, all I want is my twenty bucks credited, and they say “We’ll see in 72 hours” Totally WASTED a large part of my afternoon BANK OF AMERICA. Seriously, with the name BANK OF AMERICA, you wouldn’t think they’d OUTSOURCE.
Just sayin’.
Anyway, the rest of the rainy afternoon was spent at the library where we got some books and DVDS, then we came home to an indoor picnic with a DVD- that ended up getting stuck in the player.
So, I went to make sandwiches & the bread was moldy.
I gave up and made spaghetti pie and garlic knots and a mango pie.
When all else fails, bake.

Summer day thirteen:

Ahhh, much better than twelve! The sun was out, so we decided to go on a nice long flower-picin’-mango-findin’ walk.


I see more mango recipes in my future…

I also have been on the hunt for some nice summery-smellin’ lotion, so on the way to swim lessons we went to the mall. Key note: I go to the mall for twenty minutes once a year to visit Santa. THAT’S IT. When, I texted my hubby that we were going to the mall, he didn’t believe me. Until I sent him a picture. He KNOWS I’m just not a mall girl.

Turns out, it’s too late to fine summer stuff at the mall. They are getting ready for FALL.

Well,  mall merchants, it’s still SUMMER here. Grrr. I settled for some summer items that were 75% off. Ch-ching! 🙂

After the mall…

SWIM LESSONS!!! In case you were wondering, I’m doing ISR ones.

Then, we had to got to the pet store… they had baby skunks there. I contemplated what it would be like to have one.. for a moment.

These are part of today’s plans: washer charms, cash in on a coupon, and make cookies & homemade spaghetti-Os. There’s also sewing and beading projects that are “on the list” but, I doubt we’ll get to them today. Unless it rains again….


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1 Comment

  1. Skunks are ok as pets, as long as they’ve been de-skunked. I’ve had 2.
    They’re lovable, get fat, fall asleep in your arms if you’re petting them,
    but, and there always is a but…They play hard, are like cats with sharper teeth,
    (they don’t bite unless they’re playing too hard, they can be calmed down like
    a cat) or don’t play, just scratch. Their bathroom habits still smell like skunk,
    so I had mine in a huge cage up off the ground in the back yard. They also
    run all night. It makes noise when they do, no matter where they are. They’re
    omnivorous, which makes em easy to give treats to. They’re good natured,
    and they sleep most of the day. They don’t like bright light, as their eyes are
    more suited to the dark.