One of my favorite things to do is to go visit “touristy” places where I live.  It never fails to ignite my love for my native state, and it inspires me to get back to my roots and family heritage. One Summer day recently, my daughter and I decided to go visit The Girls Market and Bakery in Delray beach. Sometimes, the pictures speak far more than the written word… and too many times I’ve seen beautiful pictures obscured by poorly worded captions… so, today’s post will be of little words, but lots of visuals.


2013-06-28 11.33.49

2013-06-28 10.56.02

2013-06-28 11.22.32

2013-06-28 11.24.32

2013-06-28 11.26.02

2013-06-28 11.25.57

2013-06-28 11.24.46

2013-06-28 11.24.11

2013-06-28 11.24.36

2013-06-27 16.28.02

2013-06-27 16.28.25


2013-07-06 10.27.31

2013-07-04 19.30.23

and… that is life.

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