these little things and friends…

So, I have been making these little food jewels lately. Along with paintings, wind chimes, crystal earrings and framed “scrapbook sheets”. Now I am toying with resin charms. I’m into the food theme if ya can’t tell. So, what’s this have to do with friends? I have a dear friend, Lauren… who once was Amanda (for years) that I have known since we were 12. She have proven over the years to be a true friend…one that inspires me to do and create, and encourages me to do so,she is honest with herself and others and she is always there for you. She is the type of friend that if you are going down, she will either go down with you or help to get you back up. We lost touch over a few years, but she always went out of her way to find me. Recently, she started a shop on etsy, selling charms, barrettes and now, original children and toddler clothing. Her store is called punknpatch on etsy, and I’m very impressed with her work. It’s crazy… when we were kids there was no such thing as a home computer. Who knew that we would both have our own cyber-stores!?!

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