free houseplants

I’m sure you guys have done this before…if not, do it. It’s fun and everyone’s doing it. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Take common houseplant-the Philodendron, you know the one…the one that is at every dentist,bank, doctor’s office waiting room, office desk…the one that is hearty. You’ll know it when you see it.

So, take a little snippet from the end of it, stick it in a pretty vase/jar/wine bottle/beer bottle…and fill it with water.

In a little bit, you will see a tiny root appear like this:

see it? how exciting. A free plant.

I’ve been on a houseplant kick lately…I have others than Philodendrons, and I should give y’all a botanical tour one day…

But when I have a hankering to have a new plant, and I don’t happen to have any loot to play with…this is what I do.

You can get free plants from a lot of species, violets, succulents, woody stemmed items…(rosemary is awesome to do)

Free stuff is fun.

This is the one I started the other day, I so love that container…it was a Goodwill find. Yep- I am a total Goodwill shopper. There are some treasures there. It’s like a garage sale store with no haggling. That’s just fine because I am terrible at haggling.ย  Flea market sellers love me, because I’m always saying; “How much is this? Okay, I’ll take it.” Instead of “How much is this? I’ll give you a dollar.” Anyway, Goodwills rock. Go visit one. No, they’re not paying me to say that. I just think y’all should go out and explore…there is so much mass produced stuff at retailers-it’s nice to find that unique item nobody else has….for instance:

check ouy the copper kettle- ($3.09 ) and the blue vase (.79 )Heck…can’t beat that.

And this charming little cut glass number:

Another treasure for $1.49. Ooo, and check out that little root system. That’s a free plant there.

Like I said, free things are fun.

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getting crafty

Oh no… another day without food?! Yes, it’s not that I haven’t cooked, it’s just I have already done the posts before. So, I decided to show you other parts of my day, outside of the kitchen. Sort of…

Dollar store crafts!!!!


I happen to have a rockin’ dollar store just up the street from me. I spent 4 bucks and got a ton of magnets.

Sure, I could have gone a bit further to the beach to find the shells and sea glass… but it’s tourist season right now- the tourists get to the beach at dawn. They get all the good stuff that washes up overnight. Oh well…glad I have my dollar store.

Do I need to explain how to make them?

Maybe a picture?

There. Just glue and stick. I knew you guys would figure it out.

So, as you know I have a little one with me during the day, while the bigger little one is at school. We have our at-home pre-school, our library days, our gardening days, our chore days, our baking days and our craft days.

It’s been really humid and sticky lately; so I haven’t baked much…and my hubby grilled steaks last night. Not much food going on around these parts.

Building, yes- ๐Ÿ™‚ I designed some turtle and tortoise huts… does anyone out there have turtles? Maybe that will make a fun post.

For now, these little magnets make great everyday gifts..what’s an everyday gift?

You know when you’re at the store and see fresh flowers and want to buy them for your mom or sister or someone? But you don’t have the money or they live too far away? These are the perfect thing to send/give.ย  ๐Ÿ™‚

Everyday gifts are a nice surprise.

Anyway, those of you that come here to get some ideas for food- here’s what’s on my list:

turkey croquettes

cake for my finale in class on Tuesday

cookie dough balls

homemade pickles

tex-max pasta

CREPES!ย  I am taking a course on crepes next week. Super excited about that.

how to sprout

some more videos

vanilla extract

apple infused vodka

…and, I have a birthday coming up. Which makes me want to make a list of 36 things to do this year. I need to get on that.

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dirt cups

Yum. Dirt. Who can resist it? Just kidding. This kind of dirt is different, though. It’s chocolate.

with a little pink fondant rose. Who can resist?

To make these… I got 12 little terra cotta pots at the garden center. (39ยข each). Then, I washed them real good. I lined them with foil like this:

Then, I brushed the insides with oil and dusted with cocoa powder.

Next? I made a cake FROM A BOX. (shocking, huh…) I was just too lazy to measure a bunch of stuff, ya know…(we all have our lazy days….)

Sometimes, people make these with a crushed Oreo cookies. I didn’t have any- so I used teddy grahams (chocolate) and some coarse sugar.

Before I put the “dirt” on top- I made a mixture of 3 tbs soft butter, 1/3 c chocolate syrup and 1/4 c powdered sugar. If I had a can of the “other frosting” I would have done that…. like I said- I was kinda lazy. I used a mini (butter?) knife to stick the worms in.

Ta-da! I have been messing around a bit more with my photos and I have come to realize I need glasses. Ugh. Can I just use some drugstore ones or do I have to go to a doctor? I really dislike offices. Hmmm.

I also have been messing with my image sizes. Eeek. More computer stuff to learn.

Bear with me, folks.

Is it Spring where you are? I think it is here. I keep seeing lizards mating. I need to get a pic of that for y’all. Lizard porn.

I keep seeing doves doing something to- maybe it’s mating- it’s not too graceful. There’s pretty flowers, too. Maybe you’d rather see those? I can do that.

Anyway, spring has sprung and I am in need of some good ideas. I’m stuck in a bit of a rut on what to cook/eat/make/plant/do/clean/organize/obsess-over .

Any input will make me smile. ๐Ÿ™‚ I love you guys.

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things kids say

When the dog tries to hump my 7 year old, she says: “look mama, he’s hugging me!”
My 2 year old counts everything like this: “no gabba gabba, one gabba,gabba, two gabba,gabba….”
After every meal /snack I get asked if it’s “close eyes time?” = I have them close their eyes for a dessert surprise (at certain times…)
Freshly caught fish are now called “me toos” because that’s what my youngest says whenever we are holding one.
And… the mac n cheese in the cafeteria is good… but not as good as mine she says.
AWWW… I love those girls.

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old cookbook

my mom is soooo cool. She surprised me with this treasure the other day. I am diggin the retro cover and cheesy pictures inside. And.. the recipes? It actually has recipes for the odd things that grow here. Sea Grapes. Palm. Soursop. Tamarind. My morning walks will soon be harvest walks. Yay Florida!

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a little note…

As you can see this is no longer on it’s custom domain. I am in the process of converting into a website and I am trying to reduce the downtime for my readers during the file transfer, which should take place sometime late next week. The new website with be utilizing both the domestic mama and mamakeith domains. (the .com) so… be on the lookout! ๐Ÿ™‚

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these little things and friends…

So, I have been making these little food jewels lately. Along with paintings, wind chimes, crystal earrings and framed “scrapbook sheets”. Now I am toying with resin charms. I’m into the food theme if ya can’t tell. So, what’s this have to do with friends? I have a dear friend, Lauren… who once was Amanda (for years) that I have known since we were 12. She have proven over the years to be a true friend…one that inspires me to do and create, and encourages me to do so,she is honest with herself and others and she is always there for you. She is the type of friend that if you are going down, she will either go down with you or help to get you back up. We lost touch over a few years, but she always went out of her way to find me. Recently, she started a shop on etsy, selling charms, barrettes and now, original children and toddler clothing. Her store is called punknpatch on etsy, and I’m very impressed with her work. It’s crazy… when we were kids there was no such thing as a home computer. Who knew that we would both have our own cyber-stores!?!

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I usually don’t post pictures of too many people on my site.. mainly because I would rather write about things that interest a vast majority. But, in this case… I had to publish this. The man in the photo is my brother in law, George. I love this pic of him because I felt as if you can almost tell from the photo what kind of person he is, and isn’t that what we want to capture in pictures? The essence of the being. He is a warm, kind, honest hardworking man. He is jovial and a pleasure to have the company of. In the photo he’s looking at my sister, who was holding my daughter at the time. He loves my sister so much….you can tell by how he speaks to her and brags about her with out even trying. He can’t talk about her without saying something complimentary, and my sister is the same way about him. They have found their match in each other and are each other’s rock. They have been married almost 20 years now… and every time I see them together it makes me so happy that they are together.

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