This is Salvador. I got him at the end of a dirt road after following cardboard signs that read, “FREE PUPPIES”. That was fourteen years ago. He is what I think is an Akita/Sheppard mix, although I will never know for sure.. I just say he’s a shikita. Salvador has been with me through more than anyone I know… he’s lived with me in tiny apartments, and on ten acres. As a pup, he ate a couch and the seat out of my Accord that I used to drive. He used to be able to hop in the back of my old truck and jump out if he saw a cat. Now he’s a frail old man in a dog’s body. He still eats heartily,and gets around slowly, his days of eating seats and truck jumping are long gone.. he is happy in his golden canine years. You can tell by the smile in this photo.

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  1. Awwww….like my Shepherd – Radar – aging respectfully. I love my nearly ten year old Shepherd. Of course, he was NOT to be my dog…but as things go…the son was just not the good provider so we bonded….the way to a 'man's heart'…right? Grin…no actually, Radar and I are the two Germans in my household and we have similar personalities I think. Whatever the case, we are the best of buds….and he is obsessively close to me. So I can relate to this post.