I really like office supplies…weird thing part II

This is my home office. It’s a small binder I found at one of those office stores. I guess I could upgrade to one of those fancy day planners… but, this one is voted least likely to get stolen from the front seat of my car. I have separate categories in there, too…each with their own little storage pocket. There’s one for web ideas, one for crafting and photography and a big one for the budget and bills, then another for all my lists…ther’s a wish list, a need list, a fix list, a store list, a dollar store list, a look for at thrift shops list, a costco list,and a pet store list. I’m a bit of a list maker.My home office:It’s a mini homemade trapper keeper, I think. Hmmm. I really like office supplies…. what’s y’alls’ home office like?

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