I carry a cooler for a purse…part one of weird things

I carry a cooler for a purse. Yes, it’s true. It can hold 12 cans if I get thirsty and want to empty out all the junk…. speaking of junk, when I was it middle school one of the things girls did in class was say. “hey, let me go through your purse.” I assume it was a way we passed time, but it’s odd to think of it now. So, for old times sake let you go through my purse…errr cooler. First of all, there are diapers and wipes (I have a 2year old) There is my trusty point n shoot digital camera (the SLR won’t fit) hmmm, a cosmetic bag with baby sunblock, a lipstick, mascara, a mirror, baby tylenol, adult advil, a bandaid, tweezers, and a safety pin. There’s a reusable shopping bag that folds into a little brown pouch, a datebook, a checkbook, hand wipes, hand sanitizer, a mini can of Lysol (I hate it when there are no shopping cart wipes… I’m a bit of a clean freak) a pen, and an apple.Oh yes, the pink things are toddler utensils, because resturants never have those. The reason it’s a cooler? #1 the camera. #2 the apple or whatever snack I tote around and I live in south Florida. It’s not Coach, Gucci or Burberry. It’s Walgreens. More weird facts to come.

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