The other day, I realized it was time to do something that only females know how to do…sometimes it’s a simple task, other times it can be daunting yet the longer you wait; the more disastrous the outcome…I faced the music.

It was time.

To dump.

Then, I decided in my ” state”- that it would be neat to show all my inner dumpings to the world. Same as my fridge.

I’m an open book-err-blog, I suppose.

Let’s see… exhibit A that’s my purse. I’m not a big designer gal. I judge purses my if I can carry all my junk okay, and have room for more junk. I like big openings, zippers and outside pockets. I also like longer straps so it can go on my shoulder and I don’t have to carry it in hand- that’s hard when you need to hold onto two kids in a parking lot.

I suppose when my children are bigger I will have a handbag. For now, it’s shoulder bag all the way.

Now: Exhibit B and C; well, duh those are receipts. To what I am not sure more than likely grocery store because when you buy one thing there the receipt happens to be at minimum 18 inches long.

Exhibit D: I am and always will be a bit of a germaphob. That’s my spray for when the shopping cart wipes are empty.

Hey, look I have singles. I only had singles because I found them in a parking lot.  Three of em. Sweet. The one that is rolled up was my daughter’s – she wanted me to “hold it” for her.

E &F = “leftovers” from our trip. Peanuts from Delta and $2.00 earphones from the same plane…

G: Dollar store sunglasses. Don’t leave home without them. I keep telling my husband IF I had some fancy ones, I’d treat them good.  For now, dollar store ones are fine… I can change my “outdoor look” a lot more that way, anyway.

H &I : Yes, I have one of those pens that has more than one color in its chamber. I’m a pen nerd. The other? Can’t beat free stickers at the grocery store.

Hope you enjoyed this lovely tour of how to dump a purse.


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  1. Great blog…you made me giggle! I rarely change purses and I’m always surprised what I find when I do! LOL!