messy kitchens

I made macarons yesterday. Boy do they make a mess. Wanna see?

Obviously, the mixer…and the cup is used to fill the pastry bag. The food processor is for the almonds and sugar, and assorted measuring cups for the obvious.

Add a fine dusty layer of sugar on top of it all, and there is quite the clean up ahead.

Next time, I’m making one-bowl brownies.


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1 Comment

  1. bah messy… sometimes i would go crazy in the kitchen then i would stop n look at the mess n wonder “man….why did i make all that mess?!?!” then id leave it for the boys to clean up *snicker* 80% of the time they would clean up after me as i would pull the “i cooked” card so “u all need to clean up!” the fact that it actually worked 😉 lol still amazes me sometimes lol such good fellas!