what’s in the fridge 5/27/11

I decided to show you my fridge as exhibits A-H today:

Exhibit A is something leftover. I’m not sure what. It may be a taco, or an ear of corn. You know what? Let me get off my lazy butt and see. I’ll be right back.

It’s leftover white lasagna with spinach and basil. Yum.

Exhibit B is leftover corn. I’m lucky because a cold, cooked ear of corn entertains my toddler like a rawhide bone and a puppy. Did I just compare my kid to a dog? I think so… but I’m her mama so I’m allowed. And, I happen to adore dogs.

Exhibit C is a new roasted garlic flavor sour cream I bought. You know, to keep the vampires away. 😉

Exhibit D is green peppers and a cantaloupe that wouldn’t fit in the veggie and fruit bin. Why? Because jalapenos and corn were on sale and I stocked up.

Exhibit E is a peanut butter pie with a cookie crust. Oh yeah!

Exhibit F is a – get this can of pancake & waffle batter. I had a coupon. It was free. It may be interesting…

Finally exhibits g,h,i, and j are my almond milk, half and half and red and white wines. I’m well-rounded. I like my non dairy, dairy, red and white.

I just don’t ever mix em. 😉

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