I love produce stands

A few years back, I purchased a ripe red tomato at a supermarket. I put it on my counter top. And I forgot about it, I went out of town for a week and came home to it. It was unchanged. So I said hmmmm. I left it there. Another week passed. Same. Now, at this time in my life, I was managing a health food store and I knew what was going on in the standard food industry. Maybe I just thought it was in an experimental phase. But no… this tomato had an EXTENDED life. Ugh. A month went by before it showed the tiniest speck of deterioration. (who needs green bags with tomatoes like these?!) I began to think, when I make cookies and bread… they don’t last as long as the stores. Ugh. Now produce?
That’s why I love produce stands. There’s always rotten stuff around,(along with fresh, of course) and most of it hasn’t traveled far to get there.Where I live we have lots of Latinos and Asians, so I can find the most unusual items, some of them would even inspire Dr.Seuss. I can always find something new and fresh… the drawback? I have to use it within a few days, because it goes bad. And, that’s a good thing. (ooo I sounded live Martha Stewart there, eh?)

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