what to do with all those magazines

If you are anything like me, you have a little pile of magazines to go through before recycling them or passing them on. And, if you;re like me- they don’t usually get passed on because I tend to dissect them a bit.

How do I dissect them?

Instead of cutting just the recipe out, I tear the whole sheet out, and place it in a sheet protector. You can get them in bulk at office supply stores. Or, usually dollar stores sell pack of 20 for…you guessed it- a buck.

It’s awesome for recipes, because you can just wipe them clean.

And, once your “collection” grows, you’ll have a nice assortment of “custom magazines” to thumb through whenever you need inspiration. You can also get super organized and divide them up into groups. I never got around to doing that. I think I kind of like the randomness of recipes.

And, nowadays they make such cool funky colored binders.. you can keep them out on display.

Me? I went with the blue to match my mixer. One day, I may go funky-colored though.

For now, I’m blue.

And, I need to get to work on my “pile”.

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  1. Love your blue binders!! You know I’m partial to blue also. I think I told you we both have the cobalt blue KA mixer, right?

    I don’t get a lot of magazines, so instead of dissecting…I actually save my favorites to RE-USE every year. I have these cool Ikea boxes for under my bed. Then in the fall, I pull out the fall Better homes and gardens, southern living, etc. Switch them for winter, etc. Make sense?

    But I LOVE this idea!!! 🙂 Have a GREAT weekend!!!!!

  2. I do this too…but the more organized method. I still cut out the recipe, glue it on notebook paper and then put it in the sleeve. I keep them organized by category. It’s a LOT of work, but worth it to have only the recipes I think I will use….

  3. I started a e-book.. if I get the magazine, then I can download the recipe on their web page, so I created a google notebook and they copy the recipe in there to have… I use to do the binder thing, but I have since learn that I need all that space for props and my cookbooks.. I then donate the magazines.