Summer day three


Summer day three! We headed to the “splash ground” which is like a playground with water.  Glorified sprinkler systems, and AstroTurf galore. There were these awesome Dr Seuss like flowers there… I’m kicking myself that the pic came out blurry. I need to go back there just to photograph the fluffy pink flowers.


Seriously, they were cool flowers. Oh yeah…

I also got to ride a pink unicorn.

But, that was on paper.


I am pretty sure the unicorn was galloping and her legs were a blur. I got to talk to my stepdaughter briefly, and she seemed happy with her friends up north.  No homesickness there. 🙂

Who could get homesick while being spoiled by grandma?!:)

Today’s adventures involve my old BFF from year back. She has a two year old now. We used to drink Long Island Iced Teas  and take pottery class together. Nothing like working with clay while you’re buzzed.  Ahhh, the old days.

Now I  play with play doh. Without the beverages. 😉

Anyway, today we’re getting together. I’m excited.



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