what’s in the fridge 5/11

Of course you can’t see all the shelves in this picture.

I have to keep some privacy.

Just kidding- I just didn’t feel like switching camera lenses, that all.

Next week’s will show the top shelf complete with watever foil wrapped leftover may be luring in the back. (eeek)

Yes, there are 4 bottles of wine in there.

I’m a wino.

Not really- I use it for cooking, a lot.  😉

Heck, who am I kidding?


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  1. that is a wonderful idea, maybe it would help me keep mine clean if someone took a photo of mine each week! the other day as I was digging throught the fridge, I really need to clean this out once, my son said “why” I told him, I don’t think you are supposed to see dust bunnies in the fridge!

  2. LOL i “thought” about doing this b4 we moved back to Australia and then the thought of showing everyone what lurked in the fridge scared me…lol no i was pretty good about cleaning my fridge in the states just like reshuffling my stock in the freezer and my bulk goodies in my pantry 🙂 luv the post darl 🙂 like that u have kept this side of ur blog!

  3. I had a great friend who did the every month cooking. She had a household of five and merely a fridge freezer. She would put each item into a gallon sized ziploc tote, lay flat to freeze after which when frozen through, it may be stacked in the freezer numerous ways. Thanks for your ideas- very inspiring! Maye Begg