summer day one

Summer has officially begun with hot days and no school. The first official day of summer was hot, humid and rainy so an outing to the dollar store was in order. But, before that, we “cleaned up the house for summer”. I always find that if you give a kid a good reason to clean up, they’re a lot more enthused to do it. A reason to clean and a trip to the dollar store made for a cheap fun summer day. I got a happy kid and a clean house in return. Yay me.

We spent four dollars.

Two “at home pre school” workbooks, Popsicle molds and bubbles.

We hung out in between rain showers and I nearly hyperventilated blowing bubbles for my daughter to pop. We planned flavors for the Popsicle, and made a list of flavors of juice to buy. One of the workbooks took a little over an hour to complete and by that time the rain had ceased and it was puddle splashing time.

For dinner, it was chicken tacos with the usual side fixin’s.

Tune in tomorrow for summer day two!

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