Summer day seven

Ahhh, summer day seven involved a trip to IKEA with my out-of-town friend and her son. It was their first IKEA visit, and a “mini-road-trip” for the four of us, (since it’s an hour away from my house). We planned to get there early to avoid the crowds & get a hot cinnamon bun… but (grrr) they didn’t have any buns out. (I need to tweet them about that).
We were going to attempt to stay for a meatball lunch, but kids were IKEA-ed out at that point. I’m not sure what it is about when kids see beds in stores that they have an uncontrollable urge to go and pretend to sleep in them… but that’s what my daughter kept doing. Which, in turn led the little guy to do as well. Whoops.

So, a lot of our IKEA trip was spent saying “Oooo, that’s neat.” and “NO! Stop! Stay here!”

Ahhh… shopping with kids…
Regardless, we had a blast & I know there will be a day when we can go there and giggle about having our little kids there. And, it bought us some nice quiet time later that afternoon:


Normally, I have a list for an IKEA trip… but this trip I just kinda wandered around…and got my coffee, a microwave food cover, a hook, and Popsicle molds. Mmmmm, homemade cream-sicles… yum.

My girlfriend got a duvet set… I forgot to warn her that they are a bit tricky to do. But, she’s tall & has a longer arm span than me, so maybe it will be easier for her. I always feel pooped when I change my duvet cover by myself….

Anyway, after IKEA it rained for about 5 hours… the sunshine state, you know. 🙂

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  1. Adorable <3 I had so much fun that day…even though I was the one yelling "no, stop stay here!" haha…so happy that our kids had so much fun together, makes all the yelling worth it…lol. Great post 🙂