wormy apples

This is just so cute. And I totally stole it from somewhere- I can’t remember where… (online…I think, although I do have a stack of fall magazines….)

It’s not like me to not give credit-so I will try and hunt down the creator of these cuties.

And, except for the worm they are healthy.

Yippee,  soccer moms unite! We can bring these when it’s our turn for snack at games. Oh yeah. Make all the other moms call you “Martha”, come on, deep inside we know they’re just jealous…and being called “Martha” is really a compliment- weather we admit it or not.

I’d much rather be called “Martha” than Lindsey any ol’ day.

Which ex-jail bird would you want to be?

Now, to make these you will need a strong straw to bore the hole… you know the accordion super thick ones kids get at restaurants with their drinks? The kind that whistle when you blow them. Yep. Those.

Poke a hole in each apple, then cut in half. Scoop out the middle:

and… what goes awesome with apples?

Peanut butter, of course.

It also acts like paste to hold the apples together.

There you have it- you are officially a rockin’ Martha soccer team mom.

Or, a hit at your office .

These just instantly make you cool.

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  1. These have to be the cutest things i’ve ever seen in my life! I don’t have kids or soccer games to attend, but I do have a housewarming to attend soon. I think my adult friends will just flip over these 🙂

  2. These are wonderful…and since the gummy treats come in so many shapes and buggy varieties I can see these at a childs Halloween party, too!!!

  3. I think I’m going to do these for Halloween. We do a party for our nieces & nephews plus a few kids from the neighborhood before they all go Trick or Treating together.
    These will be perfect for that. Plus I’m sure the adults will like them too. Thanks again Flout Lady & good luck on the contest. You have my vote. Go Mama!!!

  4. Hi Michelle,
    These are very cute. We sure can rock out apples can’t we?! My kids would love these and so I will have to try them out! I should make a little worm stick out from my Un-Baked Apples!