Summer Bucket List

I love Summertime. No waking up to make lunches, and rushing out the door to drop kids off at two different schools, and no sitting in lines in my non air conditioned car for hours in the afternoon. No arguments over homework, no worries about accidents on the playground at school, and no random amounts of money due for assorted field trips and fundraisers.

Summertime usually means our family unit is reduced by one,  since this year my step-daughter will be with her mom for the first half of summer, so she can be there for the birth of her new brother, (who could pop out any moment) and then she’ll take her usual trip to Virginia for the remainder of the summer with her Grandmother.


Summertime is when the seas are calmer here and my hubby will surprise us with an afternoon fishing trip. It’s when I’ll fillet fresh tuna in my front yard, and have a sushi snack with my daughter.

2012-07-27 12.11.23 Summer is homemade ice cream at noon on a Wednesday…

untitled (1 of 20)Summertime means camp outs and my “once a year” hot dog* that I will eat.  And,I justify most of the calories will get burned of by the summertime heat…right?

*Note: Last year I had two, due to a Chicago trip 😉


camp weekend

 Last year, I had attempted to document the summer days as they passed, and I have a stack of photographs to prove it. So, my daughter and I are taking the stack and making our first scrapbook together. Ah-ha! Summer project #1 underway. Making a scrapbook with a 5 year old should be interesting.. I’m going to guess there will be glitter and stickers everywhere.

This year, I’m going  to document our days via Instagram, and a post here every few days. Because Summertime means not many adult conversations. I’m going to need an outlet. 🙂



Now, if you need some ideas for summertime, here’s my unofficial list (so far)

  • Free movies at the local theater
  • breakfast picnics at the local parks
  • homemade Popsicles, ice cream, and waffle cones
  • the beach
  • the boat
  • the pool
  • local water playgrounds
  • the fishing pier
  • the zoo
  • the science museum
  • take a trip to the Keys
  • backyard camping
  • re-arrange rooms
  • lots of BBQs
  • the spiderweb game- using painters tape to make a web and have kids throw items at it
  • water pinata- make a pinata out of water balloons
  • homemade gummy bears
  • homemade cinnamon buns like IKEA
  • a road trip to nowhere
  • a train trip to Tallahassee to see my family
  • the dog park
  • flea markets and garage sales
  • mini golf
  • bowling
  • make homemade pickles
  • make rock candy


Of course, some I won’t do, or I will run out of time to do…. but that’s my start for when I wake up next Monday morning thinking… what shall we do today?
Now: what’s on YOUR list?

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