spiderweb pizzas… and (gasp!) a video

Well, if you know me on twitter and facebook, you know I got a bit ballsy yesterday and decided to make a video.  Not sure why… I think I wanted to see if I could do it. It was something I was scared to death of when I was in Project Food Blog-I decided to conquer my fear of that challenge, even though I didn’t make it that far. (sniffle,sniffle)

Now-I have to tell you- I did two takes. Because I started to crack up laughing.

Next time, I will post the outtakes.

I also still took some pictures. Because I thought I would chicken out.

aren’t they spoooooky?

I went all pre-made on em’, too.

Because there are times when you just can’t be all “homemade-betty-martha-crocker-stewart”.

Sometimes you have to be an “astronaut food mom”.

And, you know what? That’s okay, too. 🙂

I think I am rambling to stall….I am still a bit nervous. I have no freakin’ idea why.

So…. what are you going to make for Halloween dinner?

These are easy and fun.

Here’s how to do em:

Woah- doesn’t it look like I am yawning-or yodeling? Paused videos are funny that way.

Let me know what you think.  🙂

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  1. You did a wonderful job with the video! I’m so glad you conquered your fears and went for it. I really enjoyed watching you make the spiderweb pizzas. I hope you’ll make more videos! Those spiderweb pizzas are just the cutest things ever! How creative and not to mention tasty looking. Love it! 🙂

  2. You’re so cute! Loved it! I tried to make a video of me in the kitchen but I couldn’t stand still so it made me nauseous just watching myself. LOL

  3. Oh they are so cute! I just love them!!! What a fantastic idea and it would be so great for kids to do too. The video is great, thanks so much for this post!

  4. I am on a lunch break and can’t watch videos at work. 🙁 I’ll have to check it out tonight!

    Just found you from RobinSue’s blog 😀

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