A treasure found

About 14 years ago I answered a classified ad from a little old lady selling her cookbook collection. It was a huge dusty box that had about 75 assorted old books collected through the years by the woman. I thumbed through the more interesting ones and the others traveled with me through the years. This afternoon.. one caught my eye. A battered and worn paperback booklet simply titled “good cakes” . I found in the back of this with a strange circular paperclip a dozen or so handwritten recipies from the twenties. VERY COOL. I’m a huge fan of sugar cookies.. and there is a recipe for one from 1924. It’s written in that typical grandmother handwriting that nobody has unless the’re over 70. I have a good feeling about this treasure. I couldn’t go through the others… too windy (I was outside) and then as always, life got me busy. But, that’s okay…I have more treasures to find tomorrow.

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