no picture …yet

I dug through the archive to find a pic to suit my mood. But, I didn’t have a picture of chaos. Ok, it’s not bad… good chaos. But what photograph can relay that word? The notebook I carry ?Neatly divided between bills and notes and lists and ideas and camera info and web host info and etsy items and the ebay list and the recipes to try… not to mention the area for um… my “meetings” with Mr.Claus. Or would chaos be the pile of pictures that I still need to find the “perfect” album for? Or, perhaps the growing collection of “food jewels” awaiting to be wired up into pendants and earrings? Then, there is the big picture of chaos… the world’s state. Mankind. The environment. Maybe I tend to wrap myself up in a minute world of chaos just to escape the vastness of chaos that’s just outside the door of my teeny-tiny little home. Maybe I hope that through my sites.. I can help people forget the world for a moment and just enjoy the simple little things like coffee and cupcakes and comfort food… mm sounds good to me.

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