summer day two

Welcome to the daily chronicle of Summer. Day two  constisted of waking up not feeling very well, fortunatly, a shot of coffee and an Advil cured it so we were off… to the beach.

Now, my husband chuckled when I said we were going to the beach…because I forgot to look at the sky…and he’s a meteorologist trapped inside a FedEx uniform. He totally missed his “calling”, I swear. It can be dark as night and he’ll say: “No, it won’t make it here.”  and, he’s always right.


A half hour into our excursion, the lifeguards kicked everybody off the beach, and the skies opened up with buckets of warm rain.

It was a bummer, but I’m blessed a trip to the beach is a ten minute drive away. There will be other beach trips over the summer. So, what was plan B?

A trip to Wal-Mart.

For a four year old, being allowed to pick out a Lunchable and have an indoor picnic with it is just as much fun as the beach.

It ended up raining the rest of the day, and once the sun finally broke through there were some awesome puddles to go splash in.  For the life of me, I can’t remember dinner that night- which makes me think it was some sort of leftover.  Funny how leftovers do that to you.

The first official weekend of summer consisted of car detailing, saying goodbye (for the summer) to my stepdaughter & mother in law, and attending church. Today we’re going to the water park (the free one) and making popsicles.  I’m aiming to squeeze in a magazine at some point. I have of stack that’s building up… I’m pretty sure there’s a mix of Spring and Summer issues in there.


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