summer weekend

Ahhh… nothing like a surprise boat adventure.

Thanks to me copping a little attitude. Sometimes, a little attitude fixes everything. When my hubby called to say he was going to ride on his buddy’s boat to make sure it “sounded okay” , I said “Awww… I was looking forward to hanging out with you this afternoon” Which, I know is totally NOT an attitude. But it’s a whiny complaint- something I seldom do. So, it’s was different than my “usual” attitude.

Anyway, it worked… because five minutes later he said get dressed for the boat- we’re all going.  It turns out, his buddy’s girlfriend was going , too – and we ended up making an evening of it.

Yay for attitudes!

I LOVE the flip around camera thingy on my iphone. It keeps ups entertained quite nice.

I need to paint my toes … the spots on my kids feet are the stamps she gets after each swim lesson.

The “stamps” on my legs are permanent.

I LOVE going to restaurants by boat. It’s so Florida…

And, it’s awesome to come back from the bathroom and find a Mojito waiting there.

After the first place… it started to look a bit rainy… so we went down the intracoastal to resturant #2

I love docking signs…

Man, I’m glad I had my shirt on.

Saturday ended up being homemade pizza day.

And… on Sunday after church we avoided tornadoes.

… and I made tater tot casserole.

As for today, there is a VBS starting, which means three free hours for ME. I decided I’m NOT going to do chores.




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