before and after

I totally should do segments on before and after. Like: before I cleaned my bathroom and after.

Keepin’ it real…

Before laundry…after laundry…before make up after make up…before sweating my booty off by going on a walk, and after. Ooo, this list could get ugly.

Anyway, remember my kitchen tour?

Well, even though I am still waiting on the upper cabinets, I decided to paint. Yay me.

As you can see, I am still short, and I still need my stool.  And, there is an upgraded trash can… white plastic was so ’90s.   You can also see I still have a pretty bad cookbook problem.

I realized that behind my stove was wallpaper, I had to rip it out. The wall was um, pretty “beat up” after that. So I did this:

Pretty nifty, huh? I thought so, too. My hubby actually noticed this before the paint job. Men! 😉

I also was sick of my pen container almost getting knocked down all the time.

So… I finally made use of this. But I am seriously considering growing herbs in there.

Hee Hee… I spray painted my light switch. I’m too cheap thrifty to go buy one.

Guess what else?

I’m going to make some bread in a few. A quick bread… mainly because I don’t have much patience today. Might be because I lost it earlier and I haven’t found it… yet. Wait. Actually I am feeling much better. Never mind. 🙂

So, what do you want to see before and after?



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