Summer day four


Summer day four!

I had an old friend come into town… we’ve been friends for… jeez… um… maybe 15 years? I’ll have to ask her.  Anyway, she used to be my pottery class partner, co-worker, traveling buddy and thrift shopping and flea marketing partner. We had a falling when I first met my now husband… and man, I’m so glad all that is behind us. I missed her a lot.

Now, we’re both moms and yesterday we hit up a little mom and pop breakfast place with our kids in tow. It’s funny, I think the last time we were at a restaurant together we were having Long-Island Iced Teas…

Instead we’re cutting up pancakes for our kids… I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

I tell you, there’s nothing like a good biscuit and a good friend…

Afterward, we treasure hunted at World Thrift, biding our time while the kids got restless in the shopping cart. The shopping cart quickly became a train/semi truck that had to keep moving so the inhabitants didn’t become restless. It almost tipped when my daughter saw an array of brightly colored “booby’holders” (AKA bras) and tried to move in for closer inspection.

Nothing like a nearly tipped over cart to get your blood pumping. Which, was probable needed after that biscuit.

After we parted for the afternoon, I had to go marketing because we NEEDED grapes. Nothing beats frozen grapes in the summer, you know… Once  the hubs came home, we  went to a local park to watch the boats & smell dead fish.


There was this big dead stinky fish that had washed up. I think I burned my olfactory space with the stench. 😛

That’s it for summer day four. Dinner was pork chops and rice. I made my own cream of mushroom soup for it- mainly because I was too lazy to go back to the store.  I cooked it in the toaster oven, too. Mainly because the big oven makes my house a sauna.  True story.

Today’s adventures are Father’s day crafts with the kids and a stroll to the splash ground that’s in my neighborhood.




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Summer day three


Summer day three! We headed to the “splash ground” which is like a playground with water.  Glorified sprinkler systems, and AstroTurf galore. There were these awesome Dr Seuss like flowers there… I’m kicking myself that the pic came out blurry. I need to go back there just to photograph the fluffy pink flowers.


Seriously, they were cool flowers. Oh yeah…

I also got to ride a pink unicorn.

But, that was on paper.


I am pretty sure the unicorn was galloping and her legs were a blur. I got to talk to my stepdaughter briefly, and she seemed happy with her friends up north.  No homesickness there. 🙂

Who could get homesick while being spoiled by grandma?!:)

Today’s adventures involve my old BFF from year back. She has a two year old now. We used to drink Long Island Iced Teas  and take pottery class together. Nothing like working with clay while you’re buzzed.  Ahhh, the old days.

Now I  play with play doh. Without the beverages. 😉

Anyway, today we’re getting together. I’m excited.



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summer day two

Welcome to the daily chronicle of Summer. Day two  constisted of waking up not feeling very well, fortunatly, a shot of coffee and an Advil cured it so we were off… to the beach.

Now, my husband chuckled when I said we were going to the beach…because I forgot to look at the sky…and he’s a meteorologist trapped inside a FedEx uniform. He totally missed his “calling”, I swear. It can be dark as night and he’ll say: “No, it won’t make it here.”  and, he’s always right.


A half hour into our excursion, the lifeguards kicked everybody off the beach, and the skies opened up with buckets of warm rain.

It was a bummer, but I’m blessed a trip to the beach is a ten minute drive away. There will be other beach trips over the summer. So, what was plan B?

A trip to Wal-Mart.

For a four year old, being allowed to pick out a Lunchable and have an indoor picnic with it is just as much fun as the beach.

It ended up raining the rest of the day, and once the sun finally broke through there were some awesome puddles to go splash in.  For the life of me, I can’t remember dinner that night- which makes me think it was some sort of leftover.  Funny how leftovers do that to you.

The first official weekend of summer consisted of car detailing, saying goodbye (for the summer) to my stepdaughter & mother in law, and attending church. Today we’re going to the water park (the free one) and making popsicles.  I’m aiming to squeeze in a magazine at some point. I have of stack that’s building up… I’m pretty sure there’s a mix of Spring and Summer issues in there.


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summer day one

Summer has officially begun with hot days and no school. The first official day of summer was hot, humid and rainy so an outing to the dollar store was in order. But, before that, we “cleaned up the house for summer”. I always find that if you give a kid a good reason to clean up, they’re a lot more enthused to do it. A reason to clean and a trip to the dollar store made for a cheap fun summer day. I got a happy kid and a clean house in return. Yay me.

We spent four dollars.

Two “at home pre school” workbooks, Popsicle molds and bubbles.

We hung out in between rain showers and I nearly hyperventilated blowing bubbles for my daughter to pop. We planned flavors for the Popsicle, and made a list of flavors of juice to buy. One of the workbooks took a little over an hour to complete and by that time the rain had ceased and it was puddle splashing time.

For dinner, it was chicken tacos with the usual side fixin’s.

Tune in tomorrow for summer day two!

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