What we ate / 5/7/11

I decided that once a week, no matter what – I will post a “what we ate” segment here. I’m not going to worry about food styling or pretty plates on these posts. I’m keepin’ it real. 🙂

Even if it’s just a take out pizza night- there will be photos.

Last Saturday, it was  The Kentucky Derby, and my daughter and I put on out hats and… well- I’ll just show you:

She kept saying, “Ye-haw Texas!”

I’m not sure why.

We ate:

Little tip:

See how they are kinda doughnut shaped?

It prevents shrinking.

Don’t believe me?

These babies were big uns’.

Now, we also went all out with some nice “healthy” (haha) cheese fries that I made up in my cast iron skillet:

Yes- it was a night that a cardiologist would raise his eyebrow at.

Sorry, doc.

The Derby was on, man!


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  1. yum yum 🙂 skillet fries or home fries made like this were my boys fav on wkend mornings! 🙂 they would load em up with sourcream and id fry up a bunch of bacon in the cast iron skillet yes i was bad id fry up the fries or the potatoes in the bacon grease lol 🙂 love the burger pics hubby was droolin when he seen them his like OH YES! 🙂