things kids say

When the dog tries to hump my 7 year old, she says: “look mama, he’s hugging me!”
My 2 year old counts everything like this: “no gabba gabba, one gabba,gabba, two gabba,gabba….”
After every meal /snack I get asked if it’s “close eyes time?” = I have them close their eyes for a dessert surprise (at certain times…)
Freshly caught fish are now called “me toos” because that’s what my youngest says whenever we are holding one.
And… the mac n cheese in the cafeteria is good… but not as good as mine she says.
AWWW… I love those girls.

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old cookbook

my mom is soooo cool. She surprised me with this treasure the other day. I am diggin the retro cover and cheesy pictures inside. And.. the recipes? It actually has recipes for the odd things that grow here. Sea Grapes. Palm. Soursop. Tamarind. My morning walks will soon be harvest walks. Yay Florida!

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a little note…

As you can see this is no longer on it’s custom domain. I am in the process of converting into a website and I am trying to reduce the downtime for my readers during the file transfer, which should take place sometime late next week. The new website with be utilizing both the domestic mama and mamakeith domains. (the .com) so… be on the lookout! 🙂

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these little things and friends…

So, I have been making these little food jewels lately. Along with paintings, wind chimes, crystal earrings and framed “scrapbook sheets”. Now I am toying with resin charms. I’m into the food theme if ya can’t tell. So, what’s this have to do with friends? I have a dear friend, Lauren… who once was Amanda (for years) that I have known since we were 12. She have proven over the years to be a true friend…one that inspires me to do and create, and encourages me to do so,she is honest with herself and others and she is always there for you. She is the type of friend that if you are going down, she will either go down with you or help to get you back up. We lost touch over a few years, but she always went out of her way to find me. Recently, she started a shop on etsy, selling charms, barrettes and now, original children and toddler clothing. Her store is called punknpatch on etsy, and I’m very impressed with her work. It’s crazy… when we were kids there was no such thing as a home computer. Who knew that we would both have our own cyber-stores!?!

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I usually don’t post pictures of too many people on my site.. mainly because I would rather write about things that interest a vast majority. But, in this case… I had to publish this. The man in the photo is my brother in law, George. I love this pic of him because I felt as if you can almost tell from the photo what kind of person he is, and isn’t that what we want to capture in pictures? The essence of the being. He is a warm, kind, honest hardworking man. He is jovial and a pleasure to have the company of. In the photo he’s looking at my sister, who was holding my daughter at the time. He loves my sister so much….you can tell by how he speaks to her and brags about her with out even trying. He can’t talk about her without saying something complimentary, and my sister is the same way about him. They have found their match in each other and are each other’s rock. They have been married almost 20 years now… and every time I see them together it makes me so happy that they are together.

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cheap ways to entertain a toddler part II

This hippo is very very tired. He’s been flying all afternoon….Why? How? Good ol lawn equipment!

A fun time was had by all!

Can you spot the hippo? ^ (there)……………………………………….^blower!

So… this is one of the fun things that you too can do with lawn equipment. I am kinda kidding.. but thought y’all might like to see how we spend a weekday afternoon after the lawn gets mowed. Fun stuff!

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I really like office supplies…weird thing part II

This is my home office. It’s a small binder I found at one of those office stores. I guess I could upgrade to one of those fancy day planners… but, this one is voted least likely to get stolen from the front seat of my car. I have separate categories in there, too…each with their own little storage pocket. There’s one for web ideas, one for crafting and photography and a big one for the budget and bills, then another for all my lists…ther’s a wish list, a need list, a fix list, a store list, a dollar store list, a look for at thrift shops list, a costco list,and a pet store list. I’m a bit of a list maker.My home office:It’s a mini homemade trapper keeper, I think. Hmmm. I really like office supplies…. what’s y’alls’ home office like?
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no picture …yet

I dug through the archive to find a pic to suit my mood. But, I didn’t have a picture of chaos. Ok, it’s not bad… good chaos. But what photograph can relay that word? The notebook I carry ?Neatly divided between bills and notes and lists and ideas and camera info and web host info and etsy items and the ebay list and the recipes to try… not to mention the area for um… my “meetings” with Mr.Claus. Or would chaos be the pile of pictures that I still need to find the “perfect” album for? Or, perhaps the growing collection of “food jewels” awaiting to be wired up into pendants and earrings? Then, there is the big picture of chaos… the world’s state. Mankind. The environment. Maybe I tend to wrap myself up in a minute world of chaos just to escape the vastness of chaos that’s just outside the door of my teeny-tiny little home. Maybe I hope that through my sites.. I can help people forget the world for a moment and just enjoy the simple little things like coffee and cupcakes and comfort food… mm sounds good to me.

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If life is a bowl of cherries, I hope they’re Rainier

My mom brought me over these yesterday. They have to be one of my most favorite fruits. I ate pounds of them when I was pregnant. I had dreams about them in January… and waited patiently for the delicious jewels to arrive in season. If you have never had these before, try them. They are consistently sweet… not sometimes watery tasting like Bing cherries sometimes are. They are crisp and juicy.. not to mention quite lovely to look at. But, I’d rather eat mine.
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